30th April – 3 Chicks

Well I was correct. After worrying about the queen wasp, I turned on the cameras at 06.30am to check on the nest and the female Coal Tit

On the edge of the nest cup, I could see what looked like an egg or part of an egg shell. Fearing the female had removed one of the eggs, I sat and watched. Finally after another twenty minutes she let me see that three of the eggs had hatched this morning, so it was a discarded egg shell I was seeing. Phew!

I have never seen a Coal Tit nest before and I am already seeing a few differences between them and the Blue Tit & Great Tit nests I have watched in the past years. They call a lot more to each other and the call is lovely to hear. I will share some videos on the YouTube channel over the next few days.

Will any more eggs hatch today? I have left the camera recording, so will update this diary entry later in the day.