29th April – Buzz….

If I am correct, the first egg(s) should hatch tomorrow or on 1st May.

Today I finally saw the male feed the female in the nest box, so hopefully this is a sign he will provide food when the chicks hatch.

Incubation has continued without any major issues until late this evening, when a queen wasp entered the box and looked like she was collecting wood. I am hoping it was a one off visit and that she does not take up residence in the box.

I had to power off the boxes for a short time, so was unable to watch the wasp. Upon checking at 9pm, the wasp had disappeared from view, so I am hoping it has left. If the wasp stung the female Coal Tit then it is possible she would die from the sting. Who said having a camera in a bird box does not cause worry at times 🙂

Will the first egg(s) hatch tomorrow. More in my next diary update.