Summary – Bird Box 3

Species of bird currently using the boxCoal Tit
First interest shown in the boxMarch 2024 – Blue Tit
March 2024 – Great Tit

April 2024 – Coal Tit
First entry into the nest box by one birdNo Data Available
First entry into the nest box by both birdsNo Data Available
First time the nest box is used by a roosting bird8th April 2024 (based on first egg being laid)
First nesting wiggle by the femaleNo Data Available
First piece of nesting material brought into the nest boxNo Data Available
The male feeds the female in the nest box
1st egg laid9th April 2024
2nd egg laid10th April 2024
3rd egg laid11th April 2024
4th egg laid12th April 2024
5th egg laid13th April 2024
6th egg laid14th April 2024
7th egg laid
8th egg laid
9th egg laid
10th egg laid
Full time incubation started
1st egg hatched
2nd egg hatched
3rd egg hatched
4th egg hatched
5th egg hatched
6th egg hatched
7th egg hatched
8th egg hatched
9th egg hatched
10th egg hatched
Eyes start to open
First wing flapping by a chick or chicks
Last night spent in the box by the female
1st chick fledged
2nd chick fledged
3rd chick fledged
4th chick fledged
5th chick fledged
6th chick fledged
7th chick fledged
8th chick fledged
9th chick fledged
10th chick fledged

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