7th April 2021 – Nest building continues and still cold

Yesterday (6th April 2021) activity dropped with only the odd few visits being made. Maybe it was the weather. Today it has not been much warmer, however both the male and female House Sparrow visited the box in the morning and were brining in more moss and feathers.

It looks like the finishing touches are being made to the nest cup. One thing Sparrows are known for are messy nests and as you can see from the image (taken yesterday) they have done a fantastic job in covering the nest and blocking my view 🙁

Nest inside Box 3 as of 6th April 2021
Nest inside Box 3 as of 6th April 2021

Hopefully we will see the female begin to lay her eggs and maybe get a chance of seeing the nest cup

I have added a new summary page to the website, showing the nest building progress. Please click here to view or select the page from the top menu.

Will the female House Sparrow lay an egg?

More in my next diary update.