5th April 2021 – Nest building continues and snow!

I will add a more detailed update ASAP, but nest building has continued in Box 3, for the last few days. One small issue is the House Sparrow nest is beginning to block the camera view 🙁

This morning feathers and fine material has been brought inside the box, by both the male and female House Sparrow, so I am guessing egg laying must not be far away.

The overnight roosting Great Tit has not come back for the last two nights, so either it met the House Sparrows or is roosting elsewhere.

At the moment it is looking promising for the Sparrows. Boxes 1 & 2 have not seen any activity for most of last week, and so I think they will remain unused this season.

Nest inside Box 3 as of 5th April 2021
Nest inside Box 3 as of 5th April 2021

On Easter Sunday it was warm with temperatures of 15C+. Today it’s around 7C with snow falling!

I am in the process of creating a YouTube Channel and Facebook page, which I will be updating with video and photos from inside Box 3.

More later.